Pandora Jewelry Vs Pandora’s Makeup Box

Pandora Trademark

Corporate Giants think that they can use BULLYING tactics whether they’re right or wrong. They can CRUSH the little guy with huge legal fees in order to achieve their goals. The reality of having to use lawyers to fight against a 2 billion dollar ‘Goliath’ of a company like Pandora Jewelry may prove too great to overcome. I feel that by making my fight public I am standing up for all small companies that are being bullied into submission. There are very few ‘David’s’ that survive a legal battle where the corporate giant’s solution is to force the little guy to go bankrupt or give up. Help me #FightCorporateBullying by watching and sharing this video.

#FightCorporateBullying #FightTrademarkBullies 


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What is Fall Bridal Makeup? Bride’s decide month’s before their wedding what they would like to wear for their October … November wedding. They know where the wedding is going to be and they plan their colour palette for the flowers and decor well in advance. Here are some step by step ideas for your Fall wedding.


Keep the skin natural and flawless

Bronzer does not have to be used like a summer tan

Eyes can be darker with a combination of brown and black

Deeper colours on the lip work well with dark hair

Flushed cheek with plum or deeper pinks are perfect when blended


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.11.19 PM

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Soft Makeup for Teen Beauty

Teen Beauty

Teenagers start very early to have a special interest on fashion and beauty. But as a teen, it’s not advisable to apply extra makeup. It will make you superficial and too much older than you actually are. Teenage makeup should always be soft and subtle. Only a touch of colour on your eyes, your cheeks and your lips does you a fresh and natural look! You don’t need more…

Here’s a quick makeup look that you can use every day, or for special occasions.

If you have a skin problem, you can use a touch of camouflage with the brush to cover imperfections. Then add a touch of powder to perfect your skin tone.

  • Brush and feather your eyebrow with a pencil of the same colour.
  • Apply a colourful colour on your eyelid and a little over on the arch of your brow bone. In this picture we have used Sky Violet Eye Shadow.
  • Now use a very light shimmer, and apply it just under you eyebrow and on the inside corner of your eyes.
  • Take an Eye pencil darker than your Eye shadow, here, we have used Aubergine, a dark brown/purple. Trace a line at the root of your eyelashes. The line should be thinner in your inside corner and broader in the outside to open up your eyes.
  • Apply mascara on your upper lashes by sliding the brush sideways and for extra thickness coat the top of your top lashes.
  • Use a pink blush as long as you don’t have naturally pink cheeks and a nude and shiny Lip Gloss on your lips and you’re ready in less than 10minutes
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How to make you lips look bigger

How to Make your Lips Bigger

  1. Prep your lips using some honey or lip balm on them and brush them gently with a toothbrush.
  2. Use a Lip Pencil close to your lip colour and overdraw them slightly.
  3. Use a white pencil and highlight the upper part of your lips. Blend it softly with your finger.
  4. Use a soft Pink Lipstick that matches your lip colour and/or your lip pencil.
  5. Add a nude gloss for a perfect shiny finish.

Other tips: You can apply a touch of bronzer just under your bottom lips to add more definition.

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Beauty and Fashion Fall Trends

Fall trends 2014

Summer is almost over but good news for style lovers, it’s time to update your closet with the latest fall fashion trends!

Beige, Brown, Dark Red, Grey and Orange are the featured colours for this season!

The two main trends of autumn 2014 are:

  • Oversized outfits: it can be a coat, a sweater, pants or a jacket. These warm and fashionable outfits will be ideal for feeling comfy on cold days. This trend is perfect for those who want to mix style with comfort.
  • 60’s style with the come back of pastel and printed clothes. It’s time to dare mini skirts, knee-high boots and vintage accessories!

Our featured products for Fall : Our 2 NEW Nail Polishes Chai Latte and Flannel, Flushed our dark red Lipstick and the Gone Retro Palette, perfect for a 60’s look!

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Chai Latte and Flannel Now on Sale !


Nail Art 3Nail Art 4

Good News! Our two new Nail Polishes are now available on our website!!shop-polish/cpdb

But that’s not all! The 5 first orders for « Chai Latte » or/and « Flannel » will received a surprise too!

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Smokey Eyes Step by Step

How to make the perfect Smokey Eye? Today PANDORA’S Makeup Box helps you giving you some tricks to create this glamorous makeup look!

  • First use an Eye-lid Primer, it will help the makeup stay on longer and appear bolder. Then, dust a very light shadow or powder to set it.
  • Trace your lashline with a pencil or a gel eyeliner
  • Use your darkest colour of Eye shadow and sweep up from your lashline in order to diffuse the Eyeliner.
  • Use a medium colour to blend through your crease, making your smokey eye looking soft and well blended.
  • Apply a nude shimmering colour to your brow bone and over your tear duct.
  • Blend any harsh lines with a soft brush to make your look less hard.
  • Add eyeliner and a bit of the darkest eyeshadow on your lower lash line.
  • Finish up with lots of mascara!

smokey eyes

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Beauty Resolutions for September:

Beauty Reolutions

  • Clean up your makeup bag: Find out when to trash your makeup with our past article.
  • Start to clean your makeup brushes regularly
  • Take Care of your skin: Remove your makeup every single night, use a moisturizer with a SPF during the day,…
  • Start eating healthy and keeping active: this will affect your skin for sure!
  • Also take care of your nails and keep up a perfect manicure.
  • Keep your ends neat. Trim away the damaged sections of your hair after summer.
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How to make your nail polish stay on longer!

How to make your nail polish stay on longer!

  • Always keep you nails healthy: You can use a nail strengthener or ridge filler in order to fix your nails problems.
  • File your nails in only one direction to make them less prone to breakage and peeling.
  • You’ll get better results if you apply your Nail Polish using with your weak hand first.
  • Apply Nail Polish on shorter nails which are less prone to damage
  • Use a base coat first: it will make your polish stick better on your nails
  • Don’t overload you nail and go for a thinner application. Too-tick nail polish can tend to peel off.
  • Allow for enough drying time, especially between coats. It is also always better to do your manicure before bedtime to let your nails dry all night long.
  • Use a good topcoat: If you have some chips on your polish, it’s maybe because you aren’t using a good one. Also seal the edge of your nail with your topcoat.
  • Use Gloves to protect your nails during your cleaning tasks in order not to ruin your manicure.

Picture by Streets Ahead Style

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Win It and Give It Your Name!

Beauty Giveaways

PANDORA’S Makeup Box comes back with a unique Giveaway !

Starts tonight at midnight ! – Ends August 28th, 2014
And it is worldwide !

Here’s your chance to have your name on our bottle! Win one of two nail polishes from our new fall collection and the colour you win will be named after you. This exclusive, new formula gives a perfect long lasting and shiny coverage with an easy to apply brush.

To participate, sign up and follow the instructions at this link:!giveaways/cme8

The more points you collect, the more chances you have to win:
– Like our Facebook Page (+2pts)
– Follow us on Twitter (+2pts)
– And Tweet about the giveaway (+3pts) (you can tweet once a day until the end of the contest to upgrade your chances to win!)

Good Luck!

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